(Ohio) Mindy grew up in Toledo, Ohio, "The Glass Capital of the World", and spent many Saturdays taking art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art. She continued her interest in art at Ohio State University where she received a degree in Art Education. She also taught high school art for 9 years in Ohio. She started painting on glass when she was introduced to the glass paint at the annual Ohio Art Education Conference. Experimenting with her students, she started making colorful glassware and selling it in the teachers lounge. It was a big hit and she has been making her glassware ever since. As a designer-craftsman, she finds most of her inspiration from objects she is surrounded by everyday. She is drawn to the simplicity of design, originality and the visibility of the handmade elements. She creates functional and decorative objects that are both beautiful and useful. Available at our Oakland and Burlingame locations.

*Items shown in our galleries are representational and may not be available.