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Artist: Natural Renaissance (Mechanicsburg, PA)

Handmade key chain holder constructed from various hardwoods. 

Equipped with very strong magnets that hold key rings as well as a handful of other metal items. (ie. bottle openers, metal pens, wine corkscrew, scissors, sewing needles, etc.) Keys themselves are not magnetic; however, key rings are magnetic and the magnets hold a surprising amount of weight.

The technique used to make each pattern is a process very similar to making “murrini” in glass or “millifiori” in clay. Layers of pattern are built up forming blocks, which are “sliced” to make the patterns for the work. This process also shows the end grain of the wood, showing the rings of the tree.

• Width: 5.25"
• Height: 0.5"
• Length: 3.75"

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