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The Baseball Teleidoscope is the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life who adores America's favorite pastime . . . baseball!

Crafted from an actual baseball, this teleidoscope transforms your everyday surroundings into a magical world while just looking into its lens.

Additionally, this teleidoscope can be used with your cell phone camera to capture your view permanently.

Comes with a brass baseball stand perfect to hold it in between use.

Father's Day, birthdays, retirement, holidays...knock it out of the park with this ball!

What is a teleidoscope? A teleidoscope is similar to a kaleidoscope in that it has a kaleidoscope mirror system inside. Where the two differ is that unlike a kaleidoscope, a teleidoscope has a clear ball lens at the end rather than the traditional beads and glass pieces we most commonly associate with kaleidoscopes. The clear ball lens of a teleidoscope gets its color from whatever you point it toward, reflecting back a kaleidoscopic image.

Approximate Dimensions:
• Height: 7"
• Width: 3"
• Depth: 3"

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