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Artist: David Howell & Company (Bedford Hills, NY)

With a prehensile tail, the seahorse clings to coral or seagrasses to hide from predators and catch prey. Though they are slow swimmers, the shape of its head allows it to turn quickly and suck in its favorite prey - copepods. In addition, the male seahorse has a brood pouch where it nurtures the female's eggs until they are old enough to be on their own.

Finish: Solid brass, electro-plated with non-tarnishing silver finish, giclée print

Dimensions: Approx. 1.5" W x 3" L (Packaged in Recycled PET Plastic Sleeve with Provenance Card)

Proudly made in the USA


For more than 30 years, David Howell & Company has specialized in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated, museum quality gifts, including metal bookmarks, jewelry, ornaments, and more. Their innovative gift designs are inspired by museum pieces, adapting original, iconic work to modern, meaningful gifts.

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