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Artist: Mara Stoneware/Cerámica Mara (Morelia, Mexico)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mara, handmade stoneware ceramics, individually created so that each one is unique and special. This small serving bowl would be great for all sorts of uses – side dishes, fruit, chips or snacks – and of course, it's a beautiful piece to leave on display when not in use. Lead and cadmium free and completely food safe. Holds 24 oz. Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe as well.

Approximate Dimensions:
• Height: 3"
• Width: 7"
• Depth: 7"

* Slight variations are the nature of handmade items.


Mara, an accomplished painter, sculptor and ceramicist, studied engraving with the famous artist Alfredo Zalce, who painted many portraits of his lovely artist protege. After studying art in London, she began working with high-temperature ceramics and created wonderfully unique glazes for her pieces. She then went on to study with the Italian ceramist, Bruno Terese, in Italy. Mara has had numerous expositions of her original pieces in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

"She has developed a fine sensibility in schematic and precise line drawings. Ceramics is no easy medium for precise line drawings, yet Mara has mastered her technique with brush and stylus and has been able to portray her life experiences with unrivaled naturalness. We see her universe on parade in all of her pieces, whether they be vases or plaques. Flowers, birds and geometric designs all represent her personal vision and display her unique perceptions of the world." –Alfredo Zalce, May 1994

Sadly, after a long illness, Mara passed away in November 2007. Since Ceramica Mara has always been an extended family operation in Mexico, production of her fine works has continued. Mara's husband, children and loyal apprentices have consistently carried out the day-to-day production. Her husband Mariano, an architect, artist and Ceramica Mara business manager, is passionate about continuing Mara's legacy. Her daughter Alexandra, artist and history professor, has also stepped in to help the family make a seamless transition in the continuation of the fine production of Ceramica Mara.

Mara was a very prolific artist and, while her current designs are still in production, she has left numerous yet unintroduced designs to be presented in the future. Alexandra, carrying on her mother's fine tradition, has also been creating ceramic designs which we were honored to debut 2008 and continue to offering today. Mara brought all the beauty of her soul to walk this earth. We are ever grateful for her creative gifts and send our prayers that her journey continues in beauty and love. We take great pleasure in knowing that Mara's artistic stoneware will grace all our lives for many, many years to come.

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