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Artist: Baldwin Toys (Omaha, NE)

A nod to the original Model A created by Ford from 1927-1931, replacing its predecessor the Model T. By the time they moved on to the Model B, they had sold over 4 million of these cars in various body styles. Hard to believe that prices ranged from $385 for a roadster to $1400 for a top-of-the-line town car. Top speed was 65 mph. A rumble seat is an upholstered exterior seat which folded into the rear of an early motorcar. Created with walnut wood and maple accents.

• Length: 17"
• Width: 7"
• Height: 8"

* Slight variations are the nature of handmade items.

Baldwin Toys is a family-operated company that handcrafts wooden toys with quality reminiscent of yesteryear. Made in the USA since 1976, their toys have been displayed at prominent arts and crafts shows, featured in publications and have received numerous awards. The premise upon which they create their toys is simple – they want their toys to lighten and bring joy to children and adults of all ages, and to last generations to come! Their toys are sure to become your keepsake heirlooms.

Wood for the different parts is carefully selected from rough lumber such as walnut, cherry, maple, rosewood, and padauk. The woods and their rich grain patterns give each wooden toy it's own personal quality. No two models are exactly alike. Hours of painstaking care are given each wooden toy as it progresses from initial design to precise fitting and shaping to hand sanding and finally to lustrous oiling and waxing.

Most of the designs are based on a puzzle concept. The various parts of each design can be taken apart, giving it yet another dimension of enjoyment. These are intended as collectible pieces of artwork. However this allows you to share this collectible piece of artwork with a younger generation; play gently with the item and then return the piece to its special spot.

If you are giving the item as a gift; wrap each of the pieces individually and watch as the recipient tries to guess what it is as they unwrap each new piece.

Watch the video below to see the puzzle concept in action!

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