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Artist: Moon Alley (Murphys, CA)

Swallows fly over a pond of water lilies at sunset. Hand carved candle designed for maximum radiance.

This unique line of candles is the result of years of development, reflecting a love of color, candlelight and the creative process. The play of light from a flame brings to life the surface of the candle, illuminating the carved design and producing a union of beauty and function.

Approximate Dimensions:
• Height: 9"
• Diameter: 4"

Burn Time: 100 hours

* Slight variations in coloration and patterning may occur and are the nature of handmade items

Does the entire candle melt or just the center part?
These candles can be burned right down the center, while preserving the exterior, with a small amount of care which is listed in the burning instructions provided. The exterior is wax, and can melt under certain conditions, but even when left to burn without care, they will burn generally down the center, illuminating the outer artwork.

Can the candles be refilled?
Yes! After the center has burned out, you can place a votive inside and keep it going. It is also best to have a glass insulating cup and stand to set the votive in.

Do They Glow?
Yes they do! Once the candle burns down a couple inches, the exterior will illuminate.

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